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AcouBAT (English)

The software for predicting building acoustic performances.
This software is designed for architects, clients and design offices; it is used to evaluate sound insulation with respect to airborne and impact noise, and equipment noise in buildings.


  • Regulatory - Ideal to validate acoustic regulations fulfillment
  • Exhaustive - Database containing more than 2 400 products and 3 000 acoustic performances
  • Ergonomic - Graphical and functional interface


The AcouBAT software is adapted to homogeneous and heavy structures, and will help you find the ideal acoustic solution for your construction projects for :

  • Apartment buildings
  • Offices
  • School
  • Healthcare facilities

Create the geometry of your construction project, composed of cells corresponding to emission and reception rooms. There are several possible configurations :

  • 2 adjacent rooms
  • 2 superposed rooms
  • 2 rooms, 2 floors
  • converted attics
  • inaccessible attics
  • 2 rooms with a corridor

You will also be able to specify the number of façades: two, three or four. The façade may be different between two floors.

Determine the dimensions of your room using architectural drawings - by inputting the width, height and depth of your room. You will be able to introduce offsets.

Display your room in plan or 3D mode. 3D mode makes it possible to display your geometry in X, Y or Z 


You can define components used for construction of your room :

  • Using the exhaustive database integrated into the AcouBAT software
  • Creating a new component as you wish with its own acoustic performances 

AcouBAT includes an exhaustive database that you can use to enter the different components used in your geometry.

The components are classified in 12 categories :

  • Traditional masonry
  • Concrete wall or slab
  • Partition
  • Lightweight partition wall
  • Floor covering
  • Lining
  • Door and window
  • Technical service equipement
  • Roof
  • Suspended ceiling and access floor
  • Curtain wall façade
  • Thermal bridge breaker
  • Absorbing material

There is also a classification by manufacturer.

A description diagram is given for traditional products.

The database integrated into the AcouBAT software is complete and reliable and contains nearly 2 000 products with 2 500 acoustic performances tested in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories within the last 10 years.

It is recognized on the market as being one of the best available programs for the prediction of acoustic performances and more than 100 manufacturers have chosen to include their construction products in the AcouBAT software database

Did you know? Acoubat is a living software: the database is updated every year. A major new version is also released every other years.


The AcouBAT software is ideal in order to consider acoustic aspects from the start of your building project and will assist you in optimisation of your acoustic performances to satisfy requirements about :

  • a regulatory framework
  • a quality approach (Qualitel, HQE certification, building certification, etc…)
  • a specification

AcouBAT software calculations are based on parts 1 to 6 in the series of European standards EN 12354, necessary for the diagnostic of building acoustic performances. The software calculates acoustic performances in bands of thirds of octave between 100 and 5000 Hz, and the corresponding unique indexes.

AcouBAT can calculate the following indicators:

  • Airborne sound insulation between rooms - according to standard EN 12354-1
  • Airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound - according to standard EN 12354-3
  • Impact sound insulation between rooms - according to standard EN 12354-2
  • Reverberation time Tr - according to standard EN 12354-6
  • Rquivalent acoustic absorption area - according to standard EN 12354-6
  • Service equipment noise levels - according to standard EN 12354-5

The calculations made enable vertical, horizontal or diagonal transmission performance evaluation.

Auralisation and realistic listening
  The AcouBAT software goes even further in acoustic performance and is also capable of reproducing the sound of an airborne noise (indoor or outdoor) inside a room or an adjacent room.

Novelties for AcouBAT V8.0 :

  • Low frequencies calculations (third octave bands from 50 to 80 Hz added)
  • Updated database for generic products to include low frequencies performances
  • Introduction of in-situ measurement results to compare to building predicted performance
  • Introduction of rainfall noise performance for roof elements and evaluation of rainfall noise level in a room
  • Veranda panels included in database 

Minimum computer system requirements:

•  Processor : PC Pentium 1 GHz

•  Memory : 256 Mo

•  SVGA screen with 1 024 x 768 resolution

•  Available disk space : 200 M

•  Stereo sound card : 16 bits / 44.1 kHz

• Audio headset or loudspeakers.

Supported operating systems :

•  Windows 2000®

•  Windows XP®

•  Windows Vista®

•  Windows 7®

•  Windows 8®

The software is available in French and in English.


Software to predict the acoustic performances of complex multilayered structures found in building, automotive, aeronautic domains.

The AcouSYS software allows exporting acoustic performance of complex multilayered components directly into AcouBAT software. This complementarity allows evaluating the acoustic performance of a building including new components 
To learn more about AcouSYS 
click here.


Training course ACO5: Optimize acoustic  design of buildings with AcouBAT

Training objectives :

·  Use AcouBAT for predicting airborne sound insulation between rooms and with respect to the outdoor noise, impact sound insulation, service equipment noise level and reverberation time

·  Analyze transmission paths for understanding the obtained acoustic performance,

·  Understand regulatory requirements and discover examples of technical solutions

To learn more, consult the training program ; specific training can also be organized

Available in English upon request


You wish to purchase the AcouBAT software and to follow a training session to be able use it more efficiently ? Choose the AcouBAT – TRAINING PACK !

  This pack includes an AcouBAT license and the registration to the associated AC05 training session with a 10% discounted rate

The 10% discount applies to prices excluding VAT for AcouBAT single-user or multi-user licenses and to the training session AC05Optimizing the acoustic design of buildings with AcouBAT - CSTB Training course.

If you are interested by this pack, do not hesitate to  contact us

This software is commercialized by the on-line CSTB Éditions boutique. To order this software, please click here

For a multi-user or educational version of the software,  please contact us

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