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eveBIM V1

With the eveBIM solution, the CSTB is offering all construction players a software that allows the viewing of a 3D BIM model and the exploration of its properties.
  Our eveBIM viewer will help you work on construction BIM models from various sources and actors and perform pre and prost processing with dedicated tools.
All construction professionals can now communicate with each other thanks to the use of the IFC standard.
Once connected to simulation software, the CSTB is offering a true virtual reality experience so you can accurately recreate all building phenomena like lighting or oralising. Furthermore, you will be able to better understand these with representations through metaphors based for instance on color codes



Thanks to the eveBIM plug-ins, you will spend less time inputting data into the .ifc files to focus on analysis and optimisation of your project.

  • eveBIM-TRNSYS - Enrich your BIM model with items from the TRNSYS database and create a thermal zoning adapted to your project. 
  • eveBIM-CITY - Aggregate your SIG data into a BIM model for a view at the urban scale and explore your CityGML Files.
  • eveBIM-PERFORMANCE - Fill your BIM model with thermal characteristics out of COMETH, the energy simulation tool and environmental performances from ELODIE
  • eveBIM-ELODIE - eveBIM-ELODIE's IFS function will considerably reduce the time you spend in inputting quantities and measurements associated with FDES declaration sheets

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